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VCE Testing System

VCE Testing System used to be a popular business solution targeting organization willing to work with VCE files and software.

VCE Testing System: History & Background

While regular VCE software was developed with individual customers in mind, VCE Testing System was network-based, so it could accommodate the needs of organizations who administered their own interactive tests on the network.

VCE Testing System grew very popular as it allowed organizations, their management and staff, to create, manage and administer tests (exams, quizzes) over a network. VCE Testing System featured a centralized test management and data storage, advanced exam editor, test mode customization features, as well as a variety of data export possibilities.

While various testing solutions have been available on the market for years, very few of them were flexible enough to fully meet the needs of some companies. Most mainstream enterprise-level testing solutions came with pre-packaged tests, and many companies and HR managers weren't happy with them. VCE Testing System, however, offered complete flexibility and connectivity within the same company, so the product was very popular among businesses worldwide. However, over time, as new technologies and approaches were quickly coming up, VCE Testing System became outdated and irrelevant. Yet, it didn't have a 100% identical replacement.

VCE Testing System Replacement: Present Day Solutions

Recently, Avanset has released a partial replacement of the VCE Testing System: VCE Company Licensing for Organizations:

VCE License includes a variety of features:

  • No network? No problem? Reduced network requirements, so VCE License can work for any office, no matter how advanced or how elementary the network is.
  • Installation and use on multiple computers
  • 30 installations included in one license; possible upgrade for up to 100 installations.
  • Advanced flexibility and customization features.
  • A tailored training system, right at your fingertips
  • Create, edit, and administer your own tests
  • Exam preview option, advanced score review features.

How Can My Company Benefit From VCE License?

While the potential of the VCE Software is infinite, and the possibilities depend on your organization's needs. Most Avanset customers tend to use VCE License for their HR purposes, like pre-employment testing or employee proficiency testing and other HR tests.

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