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VCE Downloads

To benefit from VCE technology and VCE testing engine, you need to have 2 components. First, you need to get VCE Software. Secondly, you need to find sources of reliable VCE downloads. While there are quite a few platforms available, not all of them are trustworthy.

With over a million of monthly visitors, ExamCollection is ranked the highest. ExamCollection acts like a platform for free sharing of VCE files, where users can share their feedback and vote for the VCE files they like. This way, it is easy to spot credible VCE files, and avoid wasting some of the VCEs that aren't worth the attention. If for example, a question in the VCE download is invalid, other users are likely to point it out in the comments. This way, when you download vce files from ExamCollection, you know that they had been created by other users, but the quality is good.


For users who want more reassurance when it comes to the sources of their exam preparation, ExamCollection has recently introduced a Premium VCE downloads section.

Premium VCE downloads have been verified by ExamCollection. With assistance of industry experts and certification professionals, the company is able to confirm the authenticity and reliability of these VCE downloads. This is a paid service, however, it has some advantages:

  • Real questions that come from actual certification exams.
  • Supported and opened by all versions of VCE software.
  • Unlimited access to VCE downloads
  • Free daily updates
  • Flexible subscription plans where users can either purchase an unlimited access subscription, or make a one-time purchase of a premium VCE download they need.


To download VCE files, you need to register with ExamCollection. The process is very easy and only takes a few minutes, but you need to check your email for a confirmation message, since the website used two-step verification process.

Once you have registered and logged in, you can choose any VCE download you want. For example, the top rated one on the homepage:


Click it to open. You will see the comments and discussion under the file. Many users say that this VCE has helped them pass their certification exam. If you're satisfied with the feedback, you can simply click to download the file (save it on your hard drive):


Once the file has been saved, you can open it in VCE Player. To edit or print, open it in VCE Designer.

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